Samantha wants to be a good mother and wife

08 May 2018     Comments  

Samantha is awaiting for the releases of her upcoming two films Nadigaiyar Thilagam and Irumbu Thirai and busy with their promotions all the way.

At a recent promotional event, Samantha has said " I know how big it is to prove that a married actress can be successful in the film industry. Though I want to have a family and eventually settle down, will set the precedence for the future heroines. Yes, it’s a very big move but will try to make a mark"

Further added "Actually, I kissed only on the cheek and not on the lip. But the question here is, people ask all these questions only to a heroine, they will not ask a married superstar on whether their market would be reduced after marriage. If I continue choosing normal roles, people can question me but I have decided to be choosy and accept films which provide me with good scope for acting. I’m not someone who wants to get highlighted in the posters. For example, in Mahanati, I’m not playing the titular role but my character is powerful. I’m in search for roles that I get connected to. If people say I justified the character, that is enough for me. I’m not a person who wants to be in five songs, it’s more about enjoying my work and justifying the characters offered to me."

Sam has also told " For eight years, I only studied cinema and don’t know anything else. I wish to do something which is associated with the film industry. I don’t know about others, if they find the right person, they would marry. My priority is that I always wanted a family, have a baby and be a good mother and good wife"

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