Did Prakash Raj slapped comedian on sets?

01 October 2018     Comments  

Did Prakash Raj slapped comedian on sets?

Whether it is in the form of verbal abuse or physically handling a person in the form of slapping, senior actor Prakash Raj seems to be in a league of controversies for his outrageous behaviour on the sets of his films. Though none are interested to disclose the facts, several rumours indeed keep coming out from the inside sources.

It's heard now that Prakash has actually slapped comedian Saptagiri on the sets of upcoming movie "Hello Guru Prema Kosame". Earlier there was buzz that he gave an earful to Anupama Parameswaran for not focusing on acting and failing to give her dialogues properly. Though Anu and Prakash later condemned that, it's heard she actually cried due to the talented actor scolding her.

And now, Prakash Raj has denied slapping anyone including comedian Saptagiri and confirmed that he's going to shoot with him in a couple of days. Dil Raju is also said to have downplayed the incident when few media folks asked him.

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